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Revlon Carbonite

Revlon Carbonite appears to be something of a chameleon nail polish. In the photos, a golden color seems to be showing; although in person it's actually grayer and darker. This nail polish had quite the cult following and was an online favorite a couple years ago. It took me a long while to find it - at the discount store Big Lots nevertheless. I thought it was a good alternative to all the reds, pinks, and roses that are popping up in the month of February. Lasting-power wise, I'd say this one is a contender because it held on for at least two days without peeling at the edges. On the third day things happened and there was unsightly peelage around my right middle finger. Shown below are 2-3 coats without a topcoat.


NewYear 2013

What if all the raindrops... Hey there people, this month in nails features three coats of Essie "Jazz" and an accent nail in Sally Hansen Xtreme "White On". I picked up "Jazz" last winter while "white on" I got during Halloween. Both were from Walgreens. Over top is a glitter which really livens up this manicure. By the way, I don't have new year's resolutions. I stopped making those a while ago. Resolutions don't work so well for me. I say, do your best everyday to improve some thing about yourself and those you love - no matter how insignificant it may seem to you or anyone.

WalMart's Pure Ice "Iced Merlot"

WalMart isn't necessarily my favorite place to shop for beauty products, but that is where you can find what I have to show today which is the Pure Ice polish in the shade Iced Merlot. Actually, I received this product when I purchased a lot of six polishes from an eBay seller a couple years ago. The Pure Ice nail color containers are attractive with a shiny top fitted over a square bottle. Iced Merlot is a wonderful shade for colder seasons because it is a metallic red with raspberry tones. I put Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear "Rockstar Pink" over a few nails to add interest.


Shuffle the Deck, W-n-W's Spoiled

On this sweltering day, I have a clear nail lacquer with red, silver, and charcoal gray glitters by Wet 'n Wild's Spoiled. The glitter trend is really going strong this season. If you are tired of your beauty routine, then check out a glittery formula. There are plenty of choices from micro sparkles to larger hexagonal glitters. This particular one is pretty on its own, but it can work as a top coat over light pinks and over grays. (It might even go well with other neutrals beside gray.) The Spoiled nail polish line features a decent selection of glitters; it is sold exclusively at CVS drugstores. The brush is big and somewhat cumbersome, so you might want to keep that in mind before you make your purchase. I have one other from the Spoiled collection, and I'm thinking of grabbing more for future blogging. Thanks for reading, and have a great day! ~th, jun28,'12

Sally Hansen Xtreme wear, Blue Me Away + MAC in Ming Blue

Haaappy June peeps! Summer roared like a lion this year prompting the family and me to make a trip to the local pool on Memorial Day. It was bright and the temperatures climbed upward to the high 80's, so it was a perfect day for a swim. In keeping with that spirit, I layered a step-like pattern in MAC's Ming Blue over XtremeWear Blue Me Away. Ming Blue is a deep royal blue color while the base coat is a happy lighter blue. It looks smart and refreshing with sunlight reflecting here and there. I love this combo and will probably paint the pattern on all ten of my digits the next time I wear this. What are your favorite summer nail polish combinations? ~fr, jun01,2012

Sally Hansen Xtreme wear, Rock Star Pink

Hello, all. On my nails here in this picture is a glitter packed drugstore nail color called Rock Star Pink by Sally Hansen layered over a base of Revlon's Coral Heat. I have had these photos in my files for some time, so I decided to finally share them. I remember thinking that combining these two colors together is practically asking for trouble since both of them have a lot going on. As I mentioned before, Rock Star Pink is super glittery while Coral Heat has glitter mixed into a duo-chrome formula. While I did think I was headed for a nightmare, the duo turned out really pretty and eye catching - not nauseating in the least. I only wish I had a higher resolution camera that better captures the detail showing in real life. -Mon., Apr. 30, 2012

Pretty, subtle, and feminine

Today I present Vacation Time by Sinful Colors. I just love this nail polish and I tend to gravitate to these shades. The formula is nearly perfect allowing me to flaunt day after day of color without chipping or significant fading. The pinkish hue recalls the warmth of spring and summer's dusky sunsets. Better yet, it's readily available at many Walgreens, so run out, hurry and pick up a bottle already. I reckon you will feel properly equiped to welcome the warm temperatures of the season. -Fri. Mar 30, 2012

Halloween nails :-)

Halloween 2011

Halloween fell on a Monday this year. I felt somewhat creative so I went ahead and painted alternating colors on my fingernails. Spooky! Only later did I realize that I did not paint my fingers symmetrically. I had hoped to paint some ghouls on there too, but just as I was getting ready to do so the trick or treaters started knocking on our door. It always happens like that for me! Oh well, so much for perfectionism.

Picture of my expanding nail enamel collection. They're taking over!

I don't know how many times I am going to rewrite this one, but the picture says it all.

When I was pregnant I spent much of my spare time watching YouTube videos. While watching them I stumbled upon the world wide web's beauty gurus - everyday creative and tech-savvy ladies who blog about fashion, make up, skin care, and shopping. I decided to jump into the dialog and give it a whirl.

Mothers day weekend barbecue

Dan and I barbecued this weekend. The day started out cloudy and remained so - except for a brief flash of sun for what seemed a minute. We had five friends over and plenty of food to go around. At one point our neighbors came by which was very cool. Even though I was looking forward to barbecuing I felt unprepared. I made a side dish with butternut squash. The squash could have been cooked longer or perhaps just cut smaller; the pieces were tough. Otherwise it was all good.The next time we bbq, I might add asparagus to our shopping list for grilling (or maybe zucchini). Another good idea would have been frying a pound of bacon to make the burgers taste delicious.

Quiet around here...

It's pretty quiet. I do not love the vampire genre, but "30 Days of Night" was on cable and I ended up watching it. Not bad.



I have been reading about freelance writing, since I am often in the habit of writing. I have a shoebox full of old journals and some composition notebooks floating around my house. Many of the resources available on the web for writers are not that great. Maybe if I took another look I'd find a site worth the effort to read.


Last night was open studio night at San Francisco's Art Explosion Studios. I am enthusiastic about returning to my passion and interest in creative arts. It was so nice to get out of the house and see other people's art work. I equally enjoyed looking at the artists' workspaces.


Recipe: Cajun Spice recipe


Last month, D. and I moved so I needed a lot of time off to settle and reorganize! My creativity is on the rise again.


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